Our church was founded as a Baptist fellowship in February 1971
and was pastored by Peter Holness from 1975 to to mid 1977 and then by 'Oom' Jannie Scheepers until November 1983. 
James van Heerden has pastored our church from December 1983 till Dec 2014.

Our church moved into Renewal and was linked with the Hatfield Baptist Church/IFCC for a time, then became an independent church until February 2000,
when we officially became a Vineyard Christian Fellowship,
and part of the worldwide family of Vineyard churches.

In December 2014, Pastors Steve and Dee Olivier were given leadership of Knysna Vineyard and God has blessed everything they put their hands to.
Since then, Vineyard has become focused on reaching families and youth with the Gospel!
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