Compassion Ministries

Knysna Vineyard is actively involved in assisting and connecting with individuals/communities in a safe space during times of need, offering them support with no judgment, genuine concern, trust, love, and guidance, and creating a strong sense of community.

Core Values

Our mission at Knysna Vineyard is to have the heart of Jesus and have compassion for our church family and those in the community around us. We would like to be the salt and the light and be relevant and responsible with the seeds we have been given.

We believe in sharing our resources, time, and gifts with our members first and giving people the opportunity to bless the community.

In Matt 15:13-20 Jesus feeds the five thousand. In this story, we see how Jesus did not create the fish or bread for the crowd, which He was very capable of doing, but instead used what was given to Him and with gratitude multiplied it to meet a need. At Knysna Vineyard, we want to see people empowered with what they can give and not create entitlement and co-dependency.

In John 4 Jesus has a very well-known encounter with the Samaritan woman, we see that Jesus did not hold a crusade or go into Samaria Himself. He chose to impact one woman’s life and her testimony changed the whole town and many came to Him because of her.

John 4:39-41

Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.” 40So when the Samaritans came to him, they urged him to stay with them, and he stayed two days. 41And because of his words many more became believers.

Our heart at Knysna Vineyard is to support ministries in our church that have been faithful with the talents they have been given and make an impact on those around them. We want to focus on quality rather than quantity and help those ministries properly rather than being spread too thin and be wise with the resources we have been given.

In John 5 we see how Jesus healed a man at the pool of Bethesda. What is interesting about this story is how there were many cripples around this pool, but Jesus only healed one.

John 5:19-20 NKJV

19 Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. 20 For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.

We at Knysna Vineyard believe that just like Jesus was led and did what His Father told Him to do, we try our best to be Holy Spirit-led and help those we can but also understand we don’t have the capacity to help everyone.

Please find the key people involved with each ministry should you want to get involved, support them or find out more information:

Feeding Schemes

Knysna Vineyard is committed to helping families who are registered members who have encountered difficult circumstances and cannot afford food. Our commitment is to help them for a maximum of 3 months. Our compassion team will connect with them to understand the circumstances and see how we can help them practically.  They will be accompanied by a member of our Compassion team where they may spend up to R350 on essential food items.

When the church becomes aware of needs like a death in the family, a new baby, sickness, moving or a means of support, we have a care meal team that can provide cooked meals for the family during this time.


We understand that Knysna is not exempt from the great social issue of people needing food.

We as a church do not give food out to the homeless or beggars from the church premises as this has become a security risk and we have been taken advantage of. We are also unable to help members of the community that are not registered members of our church, due to the many needs around us and it puts us in a tough situation as to who to help. People have the right to choose whether or not they are part of our family. We as a church will also not engage in co-dependency or support laziness. (Prov 16:4, Prov 20:13, 2 Thess 3:10).

We support local soup kitchens and community projects that provide meals to specific people in need. We as a church do this practically by collecting specific non-perishable food items, and fresh products and contributing financially. Please contact Shireen if you want to find out how you can partner with us.

Shireen Nkosi

Shireen Nkosi

Hospital Visitations

We have a team that is on stand-by for hospital visits. This ministry is dependent on family members sharing the information with us as a church and not assuming we have heard about it or seen it on social media. We also have a team that goes into different hospitals to encourage the staff and pray for the sick in general.

If you would like a visit or know someone needing a hospital visit please contact or phone the church +27 (44)382 1356.

Our priority is first our registered members and if time allows those in the community that we are asked to visit.

Hospice & Funerals

We as a church would love to support registered members and their families that are needing palliative care. To come alongside organisations like Hospice and see how we can do home visits, pray, provide meals, and have communion together. We are also aware that grief is a process and we would like to offer grief and trauma counselling should the family need it.

Once a church member has passed, we are committed to helping with the service arrangements and providing a Pastor to conduct the memorial celebration should the family wish to do so. If a member needs a Pastor to conduct a funeral, the church office can be contacted. Depending on the venue and Pastor’s availability the necessary arrangements can be made.

We as a church offer this service to the community for a fee if our schedule, time and venue availability allow it.


The Seniors in our Knysna Vineyard family are very important to us. Affectionately known as “The Golden Oldie” our heart is to make sure we know their situation healthwise and practically and to give support and guidance as needed. Lizandri Botha is heading up this ministry, feel free to contact her if you would like to help or need assistance in this area. Alternatively please contact the church and Lizandri will be informed.


Lizandri Botha


Mary-Anne Jeffrey heads up Babies in Need and it has been running for about 9 years. They deliver 12 lovely parcels to the Provincial Hospital each week, usually on a Wednesday. The parcel includes clothing for the new Mommies to take their babies home in.  All items we receive are generously knitted and donated by the community of Knysna and surrounding areas. There is a team of 6 lovely ladies working together on this project.

Please get in touch with Mary-Anne if you want to find out how you can partner with us.

Mary-ann Jeffery

Mary-Anne Jeffery

Mary-Anne Farnham is responsible for the paediatric ministry being run at the provincial hospital. She tries to go once a week – if stock and time allow. She hands out clothing, toys and prays and interacts with families and children. Individuals are welcome to join her. As a church, any boy and girl clothing up to 12 years old and soft toys would be a blessing. Moms are so grateful for the interaction during this hard time and the children who love getting something “new”.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mary-Anne if you want to find out how you can partner with us.

Mary-Anne Farnham

Mary-Anne Farnham

Thando House

Thando House Baby Rescue Haven is a safe haven for the most precious little souls in the Karoo and Eden District and forms part of our Vineyard Village. Irene de Klerk is the Director of Thando House.

Their mission is simply to provide love, care, and support to vulnerable and abandoned babies and toddlers aged 0-2 years as they await their forever homes through adoption.

Working closely with wonderful social workers in the region, we receive these beautiful bundles of joy and give them a loving temporary haven.

To find out more please visit

Irene de Klerk

Irene de Klerk

Little Blessings

On the last Thursday of every month from 10-11:30 am Knysna Vineyard host Little Blessings. This is for expecting moms and those with children aged 0-4. We incorporate fun action toddler songs to keep the little ones entertained!  Messy play for creative exploration. Free time in jungle gyms with supervised fun. Mommy check-in time to share experiences and connect. Coffee and quiches are available for sale during the hangout time.

For information please contact the church office.


Knysna Vineyard has a team trained to do Pastoral Care and Basic Counselling.

We offer the following: pre-marital, marital, basic grief and trauma and general counselling for members struggling with mental health, depression and anxiety.

Please contact the church office or email to find out availability. We only offer basic care counselling and will refer people to medically trained doctors or professional counsellors should the need arise.

Local Ministry Support

Currently, we have several programs running in the Knysna area. From feeding programs and kids clubs to ministry programs. It’s our greatest desire to spread the love of God, not only in Word but also in deed.

For more information visit:

YFC Knysna is a non-denominational youth ministry directly empowering young people to address the most pressing issues facing their peers in relevant, practical and contextual ways.

For more information visit:

We as a church support this ministry and have volunteers that have adopted schools. They visit the schools providing a daily meal of e’Pap and provide support for the teachers and parents.

To get involved contact Linsey Hunt ( from Knysna Vineyard or visit their website

Community Resource Contact List