The goal of this program to practically train interns for ministry and for interns to find what they have been created for. Psalm 37:4 speaks about us delighting ourselves in the Lord and Him placing His desires for our lives into our hearts.

Through spiritual growth and service in church life, we believe that interns will find their supernatural calling. This program runs on a weekly schedule. It gives interns the opportunity to be part of every aspect of church life and also discover their personal gifting in the body of Christ.

First year internship program includes the following:

Knysna Vineyard


Interns are integrated into every aspect of creating our life giving Sunday services. They Serve in ushering, welcoming, preparing the church, Kids ministry, Sound, Media, Live Streaming and worship.

Knysna Vineyard


Interns prepare weekly devotions to share in the mornings with their co-interns and members of the staff.

Knysna Vineyard


Interns experience various short term mission trips. They are involved in planning and leading mission teams, either visiting Knysna or going to other locations. These moments are life changing, sharing their faith and seeing God supernaturally change lives.

Knysna Vineyard


These meetings happens on a Monday to help interns find their weekly job allocations in various activities of church. This help interns to know the strategy behind everyday running of a life giving ministry.

Knysna Vineyard


Power hour happens on Mondays where you will receive weekly encouragement, training and worship together.

Knysna Vineyard


You will experience video teachings from different world class teachers on topics like finances, authority, grace and faith.

Knysna Vineyard


This is a weekly mission where we read about evangelism and go and put it to practice right away. We go as a group into various townships and public areas and practice to share the good news.

Knysna Vineyard


Interns meet weekly to prepare for Friday night youth meetings. On Friday nights interns assist in leading youth into a life changing experience of God.

Knysna Vineyard


Interns meets weekly with different Pastors to ask questions and get insight into the word and establish themselves in the “almost to good to be true” gospel message.


Interns learn how to work with their hands and also buying supplies for various maintenance jobs in and around the church.

Knysna Vineyard


Interns are exposed to different aspects of Media Production. This includes: Sound, Video Production, Photography and Social Media.

Knysna Vineyard


Interns have the opportunity to experience “behind the scenes” of creating a powerful worship experience. There will be opportunity to join the worship team for those who have that particular interest.

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Through spiritual growth and service in church life, we believe that interns will find their supernatural calling. 

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Second year internship program includes the following:

Second year internship is available for those who want to grow more into their specific area of gifting and call. This program is designed to suit the specific ministry direction in which an intern chooses to pursue. We aim to assist interns into developing what they are gifted in. 

This program runs on an individual basis and will run alongside the first year program. In this program second year interns will have the opportunity to disciple first year interns as to give them first hand experience into disciple making.